Encompassing dynamic sitting, essential ergonomics and intelligent form — the Bizzo is a merger of movement and intelligent aesthetics.

  • The Bizzo's simplified, understated design reduces exposure to awkward postures and contact stress;
  • it delivers simple automatic adjustments to suit a broad range of users;
  • the sleek, modern shape and arms encourage the user's room to manoeuvre;
  • an organic backrest corresponds to the natural curvature of the spine for gentle comfort and support;
  • the Bizzo comes standard with synchronised mechanism, trio arms and a black nylon base;
  • the Executive model is finished in leather, chrome and stitching details;
  • it contributes to a positive, healthy work environment besides its pure, basic function and
  • this chair is designed and produced in South Africa by Seating.
Warranty (5 yrs)
Made in RSA (>65%)
Recyclable (High)


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